What is the Difference Between Love and Affection

Love and affection are things that we can always naturally express. It’s just that there are many different ways about how to show love and affection individually. For many people, it may not be difficult how to show love and affection but for some who grew up in a more restricted and unemotional house, it may be difficult to express love and affection. The partner of such individuals need to be aware that their partner has some inhibitions when it comes to how to show love and affection in order not to feel slighted or unloved. This is an issue that must be overcome to repair a broken relationship.

There is a difference between love and affection.

“Affection is a part of love, a way to express love.”

Dr Randy Carlson mentioned that affection is a step beyond love. It says:

Affection takes the loving relationship between a man and woman in marriage into the deeper realm of tender expressions that result in feelings of closeness, passion, and security. Affection takes work because it requires knowledge of what makes the other person tick.

It further states that:

Affection isn’t sexual, but it naturally leads to sexual satisfaction.

Affection isn’t time, but it requires time to accomplish.

Affection isn’t communication, but without communication there can be no affection.

Affection isn’t romance, but it typically involves romantic spontaneity, creativity, and fun.

When you show lots of affection to your loved one and in return lots of affection, you can be sure that your relationship is thriving in lots of positive emotions and happiness.

You can love your spouse, but if you don’t show it – in kindness, in hugs and kisses, in doing things for them without them having to ask – in your daily behavior, you may as well not be in love with them!

Most man seldom lacks affection, whereas women find affection important in its own right. Men see affection as part of sexual foreplay, but to women affection symbolizes security, protection, comfort, and approval, it has nothing to do with sex.

From a woman point of view, affection is the essential cement of her relationship with a man. Without it, a woman probably feels alienated from her mate and a stain of a broken relationship start to appear between couples.

Signs that show her affection:

· Hug and Kiss your wife every morning while you are still in bed

· Kiss her before you leave for work

· Call her during the day to see how she is doing

· Bring her flowers once in a while

· Gifts for special occasion Hug and kiss her when you get back home from work

But remember – No matter what level the relationship is at, affection is always the way to a woman’s heart, and means more than gifts.

Affection is the show of love in daily actions that allow your spouse to have a tangible understanding. Affection is the conduit that allows your love for someone to show.

In order for your relationship to maintain its uniqueness, affection must be received and GIVEN!

Affection must be a connection performed with regularity.

- The smallest gesture makes the biggest difference.

- The simplest move can maintain the difference.

- The slightest word can make all the difference.

You will feel an affection for someone you love, but you do not necessarily love someone you feel an affection for. Or, if taking it from a different angle of view – Affection is the first step towards Love.


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