How To Express Feelings?

Lots of people suffer from an inability to express feelings, which can affect relationships and self-confidence.

Being unable to say how you feel can lead to frustration. If you do feel strongly about something, it’s important to acknowledge it, and let others be aware of how you feel, if they are part of your little secret. Feelings and thoughts are different, but also are one and the same. We react to events with both feelings and thoughts. What we feel, is what makes us think. Whenever a person says: “I feel that…”, the person is about to express a belief, he thinks the best way to express feelings.

When expressing anger or nervosity, first describe the specific behavior you don’t like, then your feelings. This helps to prevent any fast reactions, or misunderstandings.

People should learn how to say a “no”, to let the other person be aware of your feelings, or your attitude on what happens. Usually, people avoid to say what they feel, not to hurt the other person. But it’s better to pass over a difficult situation in your life, if you do know what was the problem, than when you don’t know a thing, and you keep thinking about it, hurting you more. Explaining how you feel, makes others trust you, and open their mind and heart to you. You can get closer to a person, if you tell how you feel. Open communication contributes to good relationships. Clarify for you and the other person precisely what you feel. Express feelings productively, without attacking the self-esteem of the person. Mostly, it depends on the situation, difficulty of your feelings and the importance of it.
First, go for a walk, and clear you mind – take your feelings outside your heart. Then, you can start with: “ I’d really like to tell you more about what I’m feeling ”. Remember, you place the responsibility for your feelings and for what you say.  Sometimes, feelings become too much to handle, and all that’s needed is a break from them. You have to be ready to sort them out sometimes, otherwise, you can become introverted, or even depressed for a certain thought. Thoughts and feelings are connected between themselves. What you think, is what you feel! Self-expression is a key to self-development and a secret to get along with people you love and care about. Silence, can be misinterpreted, but what you speak has a one and only meaning.
Expressing feelings, may sound sometimes unrealistic, but life’s most difficult decision should be left to our feelings as no one can judge better. Trying to put feelings into words, can help you make a better connection between you and your lover. Tell him what you feel, and if he answers you back to your feelings, this means you should both fight for your relationship. Just share it, express your mood, your beliefs, your thoughts – this will help you acknowledge and accept each other, and even understand each other. Expressing feelings, can help you make the right decision. It happens, that sometimes, the person next to you, doesn’t know what you feel, and you keep stopping your relationship, you don’t make it grow. Explain your own feelings, your behavior, let people know how you feel, what you think, and you will notice positive results.

When you say what you feel, you show your respect to the other person as well as yourself. You communicate an intent to stimulate cooperation. Learn how to express the positive feelings, and avoid negative feelings, by expressing them in a thought, or judgement. Let people know what you feel by your body language. Practice these techniques and turn them into useful skills. Express your feelings in a productive and respectful way, and you will be amazed by the results.

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