Auto-Suggestion and Subconscious Mind

As a rule, Suggestion is not operated by opposing will to will; argument to argument; or logic to logic. And even where proof or argument is employed, it will be found that the Suggestion is in the form of the main statement.

What is Auto-Suggestion? It’s when you introduce indirectly into your mind and thoughts things that you visually observe, in an indirect and non-argumentive manner. Auto-Suggestion which is Self-Suggestion, may be a great method to influence on your subconscious mind. Autosuggestion is a very powerful mental process.

Auto-suggestions, simply put, is a concept of repeating a single sentence in the mind. It helps in the immediate moment by creating the right conditions so that we can think of an appropriate action.

Your brain is made up of two parts, your conscious and sub-conscious and they work together. One of the greatest powers of the sub-conscious is its ability to use the power of auto-suggestion. You can become rich by learning the power of and employing auto-suggestion. Conscious suggestion is the mechanism of feeding the sub-conscious mind thoughts of a creative nature.

When you read out loud a written statement of your desire for whatever you want, and you repeat doing it every single day, with emotion and concentration on your desire, and, see and feel yourself already in possession of what you want, then you are communicating (self-suggesting) your desire directly to your subconscious.

You’re activating your auto-suggestion, and you’re feeding it with your thoughts – daily.

You will see, how auto-suggestion works on people’s talents. Whatever you wish for, you can get it, by influencing your subconscious mind. It just needs your repetition and daily implications.

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